Austin & Ally Season 4!!! 


Well, we did it guys. Austin & Ally is coming back for a season 4.

It’s a coincidence that it was announced today, because last night I prayed really hard that if we could get a sign that A&A might get a season 4, I told God I wanted to come back so bad and would cry for days if we didn’t. Then…

Make Me Choose Meme: Anonymous asked: Austin & Ally Cast or R5

Make Me Choose Meme: 
Anonymous asked: Austin & Ally Cast or R5

Anonymous said: you should use your twitter allydawsons bc 1.I love your tumblr 2.your twitter already seems pretty even if you didnt tweet anything 3.i love you 4.you seem really cool and im sure you are perf

Awww, thank you so much! This is so sweet :) I will start using it, but I’ve been super busy lately and completely forgot I even made it, haha. Thanks for reminding me:)


I guess I’ve always had this music in me… I just needed you to bring it out.Ally Dawson

You got me spinning, from the moment you walked in the room


"You guys have your weird thing."

austin and ally + cupids & cuties


Everything is better with you. My singing is better, my dancing is better, my everything is better.